HYDERABADI BIRYANI - There is no better felling in the world than a hot Hyderabadi Biryani Pot on your lap.

Hyderabadi Biryani - "The expression of those who have savored the biryanis prepared by Hyderabadi's"

Every city of India has its own version of biryani and battles break out on which one is the best. If you were to dub one dish as the ‘national dish of India,’ then to me that would be the biryani. There are vegetarian versions of it too now, so there’s a biryani for everyone you could say.

While each biryani has its own loyalists, I am yet to come across a group as passionate and, more importantly, as vociferous as the devotees of the Hyderabadi biryani. As a social experiment, start off any discussion or poll on biryani on social media and you will see Hyderabadis from all over the world come out, proclaiming strongly that theirs is the only ‘real’ biryani and the ‘best’ one. While I won’t necessarily agree with that argument, I would definitely doff my cap to their fervour and what’s life without true love after all.

Biryani is blood, as Rodrigo of the Amazon Prime series ‘Mozart in the Jungle’, would say!

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