Green wedding – Giving the big fat affair a twist



Recently, breaking conventional norms, Deepa Kamath and Prashin Jagger, a Mumbai based couple, decided to have a wedding that both pocket-friendly and eco-friendly. Inspiring, isn’t it? The duo tied the knot in a humble ceremony amid family members and friends using mostly recycled products with a generous thought to leave a lesser impact on environment - from decorations to cutlery used in the wedding, they picked up alternatives trying to generate not just zero plastic waste but also opted products that do not harm the natural resources in any manner (They even sourced seed balls from a Pune-based NGO Bhavtal for the 150 guests on the list, urging them to plant these wherever possible).

So if you’re looking forward to join the eco-conscious club on your wedding, it’s time to contribute some love to nature – go for a “green wedding”. Here are some of the ways to keep that big fat affair minimally wasteful.

Choose Eco-friendly Invitations


Thankfully, wedding vendors too have become environmentally conscious and it is an easy task to get your invitation printed on recycled paper with the same elegance. This small step can create a big change!

Reusable Wedding Signage

Imagine you can choose to use the material that can be re-used later. If you’re looking for an alluring yet eco-friendly wedding signage, opt for a handwritten chalkboard sign or an ornate mirror signage or even a jute fabric sign with words made out of rope. This works both ways – humble welcome and a wise message.

Choosing organic flowers

You might have never given it a thought, but not all flowers are organic. Some companies use chemicals to keep insects at bay – this reduces organic matter and soil, and causing illness to workers who handle them. For your wedding decorations, make sure the blooms are as sustainable as possible, look to companies that are farm-to-table.

Eco-friendly decoration

An eco-friendly option is to mask your wedding venue with jute fabric rather than flex/plastic materials – from ceremony and reception site to bar and food counters, everything can be made sustainable. Old straws can be painted in gold to make geometric centrepieces, herbs, potted plants and a lot more Earth-friendly items can be used. Get a little more creative! Remember, it’s always wise to cut down on the amount of lightening. How about a day wedding?

Wedding gifts for guests


Preach what you follow. Seeds, potted plants/herbs, locally grown tea, coffee and honey can be given away as wedding gifts to the guests. Leave an eco-friendly message along with these generous giveaways. Who knows they too might want to follow you?

Edible & Eco-friendly cutlery

By edible and eco-friendly cutlery, we mean ditch plastic! You can choose steel straws instead of plastic ones, and use edible cutlery.

Leftover food & flowers

We all are aware that lot of food goes wasted after the wedding ends. Why not donate this food to an orphanage or similar organisation?


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